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We Provide Battery Energy Storage Systems

BESS Off-Grid Solutions
We help you to tackle many of the challenges that cities face today.

Cities of the future

The lives of people and communities, the success of businesses, and the health of the world around the districts with the help of smart infrastructure.

Buildings and Construction

Commercial buildings account for 20% of energy used and 30% of which is wasted. Smart solutions can transform them into energy-efficient and sustainable buildings

Enabling Technologies

The accelerated development of new technologies including 5G, AI, cloud, and edge computing is helping to drive the evolution of Smart Cities. 

Energy sourcing, management and deployment

We believe investment in smart technology can speed the transition, whilst bringing economic growth and competition. 

GSE-MV Series Turnkey Solution  


DC1500V Inverter + MV Transformer + HV Switchgear 

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BESS 1MW to 5MW Battery Energy Storage system


GSE-MV Series Turnkey Solution

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The 40-foot pre-installed battery energy storage system is characterized by high energy density, high safety performance, and intelligence.


  • Supports on/off-grid operation;

  • High-rate discharge capability and stable discharge curves;

  • Enables access from third-party SCADA;

  • Full integration of the physical layer, network layer, and application layer, to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system;

  • Enables cloud-based dispatch and promotes economic operation;

  • Enables active/passive balancing;

  • IP54 and high adaptability to the environment;

  • Employs RTU-based control technologies, to ensure all subsystems be compatible and reduce the probability of a single point of failure;

  • Adopts a modular design that is easy to update, expand and maintain, reducing the time needed for maintenance;

Benefits of Battery Energy Storage Systems 

PLC can save the communication cable and construction costs; Support the aluminium alloy cables and save the initial input of AC cables; Support the double-faced components with above 1.3 times super-high compatibility ratio;


The built-in integrated PID restoration function guarantees efficient power generation for25 years; Intelligent IV scanning and remote fast failure point location for high-efficient operation and maintenance; Support the night SVG function and power grid dispatching, and guarantee the power station’s stable operation.



Safety fire protection design, DC Arc Discharge Detection and failure recording function; At IP66+C5 Protection Level, it adapts to various harsh using environments and largely improves the equipment service life; When SCR is low, it will run steadily without breakdown.