1MW, 2Mw and 5Mw Shipping Container batteries

Highly Integrated

Integrated converter, step-up transformer 10KV 35 kV), with lower system

All-in-one design, easy for

Easy installation and maintenance.

Safe and Reliable

IP54 protection.

Effective forced air cooling, 1.1 overload capacity. Supports CAN, 485 communication interfaces.


Integrated DAQ controller, HVAC, Firefighting system, unified communication, maximising BMS, EMS system efficiency.

Battery Access Management

Wide DC voltage operation range.

flexible for battery configuration

Constant power charging and discharging

control in on-grid operation mode.

Grid Friendly

Advanced active and passive combined

islanding detection technology

Adjusting the active and reactive power following

dispatching instruction in on-grid mode

BluE-5-5000D SERIES

All in One Single Phase Storage Solution

GSE-MV SeriesTurnkey Solution

GSE 5000-MV

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