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New innovation, New Thinking 
Battery Pallet

We have developed a brand-new innovative energy storage solution based on the tried and tested 80-Year-old pallet format used by the entire shipping and storage industry. Using standard global, sizes, and, weights, ensures worldwide compatibility with transportation networks. Using a standard easily moved universally-known size, opens many possibilities for a global market adoption.

An 80-Year-olds standard becomes a new energy standard. Designed to be shipped, using the world's freight system.

No oversize pallet charges, no specialised lifting gear required. The battery Pallet can be moved, with just a hand pallet truck.

Our standardised sizes, and weight, ensures compatibility with all shipping and storage companies.

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Compact, robust and multifunctional modular designed to move energy within, ISO, EU, and BSI standards.

Mid-sized capacity battery, inverter, a transformer that can be moved manually using a forklift or a pallet truck without being removed from the pallet base included in the design. I

Transforming an ICE truck into a PHEV hybrid electric truck without removing the ICE engine. Used in new Electric Vehicle battery swap design and development, New housing development projects or outdoor festivals, concerts or performance 

The use for Battery Pallet are Endless