Minerals and Materials

Minerals, Materials and R&D Equipment 

We can design and offer turn-key solutions for customers and undertake lithium-ion battery project design, construction &training.

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Laser Cutting

The Future of Manufacturing

Advances in technology are changing the way nearly every industry operates.  As manufacturers look to stay competitive in the marketplace, they are constantly searching for the latest and greatest inventions, strategies, and systems.

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WE suppy full set of raw materials solution for Lithium-ion battery, our preponderant products are



  • natural graphite,

  • Separator,

  • Electrolyte&other accessories


(SBR CMC NMP PVDF, Sup-Li, Al&Ni Tab, and battery packs tags., etc) for new power lithium-ion batteries.



What once was an industry dominated by a workforce made up of hardworking men and women has slowly begun to change — for the better. Robots have arrived on the assembly line.

Affordable and accessible, the next generation of autonomous mobile robots are finding their way onto the factory floor — and they are smarter, nimbler, and easier to use than ever before.

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Laboratory Equipment

We offer customized high efficient automation equipment that delivers a lower total cost of ownership.
This includes, 

Solutions for lead-acid, thin-film, and flow batteries are also available.

Accessory Material 

Full range of material everything you may need for Li-Ion Battery production.

1 Copper Foil
2 Aluminum Foil
3 Separator 
4 Electrolyte 
5 Nickel Stripe 
6 Nickel Chip
7 Battery Tabs
8 Aluminum Laminated Film 
9 Lithium Chips and Stripes 
10 Coin Cell Cases to Cylinder Cell Cases 
11 NMP (Solvent)
13 Strapping Tape

We work with you to provide the best solution that work for your business...

From initial concept to after-sales service including on-site support via design, manufacturing, and installation, we help guide energy storage technology manufacturers and developers through the necessary planning steps to ensure that their battery R&D equipment meets your organization’s exact needs.

Whether you are seeking equipment for a pilot line, or merely wish to substitute a single piece of equipment, our battery engineers lend their full support to help achieve your project objectives.